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The 16th century, Portugals who arrived in Japan Nagasaki port, observed fast for 12 days, it was called “Tempora” from latin, they had cooked vegetables and fish in dough. Japanese people had enjoyed new dishes so much, that over the years it got a name Tempura and nowadays deep frying is Japanese food landmark and cult-favourite.

TEMPURA @Centralais

“Tempura @Centralais is Japanese classic values, Asian Street Food bestsellers and our Chef exclusive recipes. Different dough preparing technologies keeps products’ best qualities therefore making toothsome and rich dishes

Ēdienu piegādes darba laiks – Pirmdiena – Ceturtdiena: 11:00-21:00 Piektdiena – Sestdiena: 11:00-23:00 Svētdiena: 11:00-21:00