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RAV Burger secret is diligent work, for the last year and a half on the ideal RAV Burger formula worked all Resto-Rātors Chefs.


Handmade pattiesare made from marble beef meat, the ageing process lasts at least for 21 days. Specially for RAV Burger beef is delivered from United States of America. To gain the ideal taste, more than 50 types of meat had been tasted from different countries.


Brioche secret is held by BakeBerry, it is made by using brioche dough in combination with potato dough. All burgers’ ingredients round each other out to reach full palette of flavors. Strict cooking technology guarantees the highest quality.

Ēdienu piegādes darba laiks – Pirmdiena – Ceturtdiena: 11:00-21:00 Piektdiena – Sestdiena: 11:00-23:00 Svētdiena: 11:00-21:00